The Future is Now

(but not really, though)


What is BazCoin?

BazCoin is a crypto currency that I made just for funzies. It will never be worth anything, but you can mine it and have some if you want. I will probably give some away on stream. This page will serve as the main page for information on how to get your own BazCoins and where you can download the wallet and mining apps. 

Wallet Apps



How to Mine

You can mine with the wallet app, but you need to do a few more steps;

  1. Download the wallet app zip
  2. Extract to a folder on your PC of your choosing (do not run yet)
  3. Download this Batch File click here
  4. Place Batch file into the root on the file you extrracted
  5. Download this config file click here (Right click and click "SaveLink as...")
  6. The config file will download as a txt needs to be renamed to bazcoin.conf
  7. Hold the Windows key and press r
  8. type %appdata% in the window that pops up and click "Ok"
  9. In the window that opens create the folder BazCoin
  10. Place the config file in the BazCoin folder you just created
  11. Now go run the file bazcoin-qt.exe that you extracted in Step 2
  12. follow the directions to create your wallet
  13. Once your wallet is created run the batch file (mine.bat) that you placed in the folder in step 4

 Source code can be seen at

You should now be mining BazCoin! If you have any issues or just want to talk about all things BazCoin I have set up a Sub-Reddit here;